We strive to ensure that your enrolment at Leaping Learners Early Education Centre is a positive experience for both you and your child.When you visit the daycare centre you will be given an enrolment package.The preschool centre director will discuss important information including, childcare centre policies, daily routine for your child’s room and day care centre programs.

A minimum of 2 days is suggested to support each child’s involvement in the developmental programs offered and to assist in the development of their friendships. All families are asked to bring along for the enrolment process, your child’s immunisation records (blue book) and Birth Certificate; these will be copied and kept in your child’s records. Also a copy of your child's CRN number and parents CRN Number from centrelink.



An Orientation process is provided at Leaping Learners Early Education Centre (once your bond and enrolment fee has been paid) You and your child are invited to participate in our child care centre orientation program. Orientation takes place from 9.30am to 11.00am daily, so you and your child can experience the day at Leaping Learners Child Care Centre.

The following outlines some helpful hints for parents on settling their child into preschool care:

  1. Make sure you familiarise your child with the environment and the people in the early learning centre (children and adults) by coming in for visits before commencing care.
  2. Ease your child into day care with short stays to begin with.
  3. Provide a favourite toy, blanket or comforter to support your child when they are separating from you or settling to sleep. This can help your child feel more secure.
  4. If your child is unsettled, short visits with you at our day care centre help your child to gain trust with an unfamiliar environment. These visits can be made on a day when your child is not booked to attend.
  5. Interactions between child care staff and parents or staff and other children can produce positive role models and be reassuring. This experience can help to establish trust in an unfamiliar setting.
  6. Try to talk at home about child care. Mention the names of the early learning centre staff and other children. Talk about the things the child will be able to do at child care that are fun and enjoyable.
  7. Talk to the preschool staff about your child, for example, what they like to do, and successful ways of settling them to sleep, foods they like and dislike and so on. This helps day care centre staff to get to know your child.
  8. When leaving your child it is best to make sure you say goodbye and then leave. Hesitating and not going after you have said your goodbyes, if a child is upset, only confuses them. Reassure your child that everything is alright and you will return later, this can help them to settle.
  9. At first some children protest strongly while others may take a day or two to realise that you are leaving them and begin to protest after several days. Children soon learn that you do return in the early education centre and in the mean time they are well cared for.


Hours of Operation

Our child care centre is open from:

7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday (Camden Park and Mount Annan)

6.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday (Leumeah)

The child care centre is open 51 weeks per year and closed on public holidays and 1 week at Christmas


Payment of Fees

At Leaping Learners Early Education Centre we strive to provide High Quality Childcare, so we ask for your cooperation in prompt payment of fees, which can be made by Ezidebit, Eftpos, Cheque, or Visa payments. There is a 2% surcharge on all credit card payments, if you wish to pay by direct deposit please ask for bank details.

A bond of $100 applies to each child upon enrolment and an enrolment fee of $30. (this includes a leaping learners children's t-shirt) The bond is refundable once your notice is given to leave the daycare centre and your fees are to be kept 2 weeks in advance and 2 weeks notice is given when you wish to terminate your child’s position.

Before and After School Care- $50 bond applies to each child upon enrolment and an enrolment fee of $30

Fees are payable for public holidays, sick days and if your child is absent on booked days. The preschool centre is closed for 1 week over Christmas and fees are not charged. Fees will be charged from the date that the child care centre re-opens. We require two weeks written notice if you wish to terminate your child’s position or reduction of days.

If your child is absent for a period longer than 2 weeks and the preschool staff have not been notified and we cannot contact you, your child’s spot will be terminated as we will assume you will not be returning.



All staffing ratios meet the licensing requirements from the Department of Community Services (DOCS).

Staff: child Ratio

  • 0-2 years old 1:4
  • 2-3 years old 1:8
  • 3-4 years old 1:10
  • 4-5years old 1:10
  • 5-12years old 1:15
  • We also have an extra staff floater within the day care centre, for extra support and 1:1 interactions with the children.
  • Non-teaching Director to provide staff support and on going communication with parents.


Daily Fees

Camden Park Fees 

(For period commencing 2nd Jan 2019)

0 to 2 years old: $107.00 per day 
2 to 3 years old: $99.00 per day 
3 to5 years old: $93.00 per day 
Daily Fees include nappies and wipes, all meals, sunscreen and tissues

Before School Care: $25.00 
After School Care: $33.00 

Mt Annan Fees

(For period commencing 2nd  January 2019)

0-2 years old: $105 per day
2-3 years old: $97 per day
3-5 years old: $93 per day
Daily Fees include nappies and wipes, all meals, sunscreen and tissues

 Leumeah Fees

(For the period commencing 2nd January 2019)

0-2years old: $110 per day
2-3years old: $105 per day
3-5years old: $93 per day

Before School Care: $ 25.00 per day
After School Care: $35.00 per day
Vacation Care: $60.00 per day (includes breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea)

Daily Fees include nappies, wipes, all meals, sunscreen and tissues  

Government Assistance (CCB & CCR)

All families are entitled to apply to the Centrelink Family Assistance Office for Child Care Benefit, irrespective of income.

For those parents who work, study or are looking for work, there is available an eligibility for up to 50 hours of childcare benefit per week.  For those non-working  or non-studying parents, there is available an eligibility of 24 hours of childcare benefit  per week.

For all families who wish to claim CCB, they must undergo an income assessment by Family and Assistance Office (Centrelink).  By completion and lodgement of the Child care benefit form (forms available from our office) prior to your child starting at the centre, fees can then be reduced from the day your child commences child care.  Note:  We recommend lodgement of the CCB form in person (not post) to ensure timely processing and allocation of a CCB reference number.

Feel free to ask the child care centre’s Director, should any questions arise regarding child care assistance.

Parents may also claim a 50% Child Care Tax Rebate capped at $7,500 a year. The Child Care Tax Rebate assists parents or guardians who are working, studying or training with their out of pocket preschool and child care costs.

Child Care Benefit is a subsidy provided by the Commonwealth Government to approved long day child care centres. This subsidy is then used to reduce the amount that parents are required to pay to the daycare centre. Full fees will be charged if you do not have a current assessment. The federally funded Child Care Benefit Scheme is designed to ensure all families can afford quality Childcare.

Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 between 8am & 8pm Monday to Friday.


Sun Smart Centre

Our Early Education Centre is a Cancer Council Approved Sun Smart Centre. Leaping Learners have a “No Hat No Play” Policy. This means that children who do not bring a hat to Preschool, must play in the shade. We adhere to a strict Sun Smart Policy, which has been developed to ensure that all children are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Should your child be allergic to common brands of sunscreen, we ask that you send specific sunscreen for your child. 

  • Children must wear a hat outside the early learning centre at all times, even if it is overcast weather.
  • Children will be required to bring and wear hats which protect the face, neck and ears. Must be a bucket or legionnaires hat.
  • It is the parents responsibility to provide a hat for their children, hats must be clearly labelled with their name.
  • Hats must go home weekly to be washed and returned the following week.
  • Children who don’t have a hat will be encouraged not to play in the sun, the childcare centre follows the policy “no hat, no play”.
  • Clothing – Singlet tops and thongs must not be worn. Please do not send your child in these as they are not appropriate.